Random trail art!



So this topic is for random trail art stuff you have no topic for. Or what your working on!
(Please excuse me if this already exists I am bad at making topics)
Ok but of your working on stuff or you just wanna share it put it here (if you don't want to you don't have to) or if you need help with it or any advice.
Please no trail art request. Just sharing stuff or getting help on trail art.


Ok I shall go first ( because no one likes my topics :wink:)
I am working on a cute person-ish thing I just wanted to share it because I like it that's all

I just have the head XD
Amazing trail artist for constructive criticism!
@Maltese @SmilingSnowflakes @Corvus
Yes I know I am no where close to your amazing talents.


That looks awesome! Keep coding!


What is this... What is this beauty...?

It's adorable!!


It's a tiny person I'm working on!
I'm not quite sure how the rest will be?


That's great! :3

Thank you for tagging me! :3



Im okay with trail art


Ok I did this awhile ago

Then I finished! And now it looks like this!

Here is the link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y3x1jnm11
I hope you like it! It's more complicated then it looks!!!!!!
Any Constructive criticism?