Random (to) and (or)


I think there should be a random block that says
OR as well as TO it gets annoying for me when i want to to be out of two blocks,
P.S. i know theres probs a way around this but i think it would be simpler this way


There is an or block in the if statements


cool thank you ill check that out


This is a little confusing. I am assuming you mean the “random” math operator, but I don’t see why you can’t have it something like this:

Set var x = 3 + ( random (0,1) * 5 )
so x would either be 3 or 8


Random ( ) or ( )
That’d be so helpful.


YES THATS WHAT I MEAN FINALLY SOMeBODY UNDERSTANDS! lol noone else knew wat i was sayin


You can do
If Var = 1
Set RandomVar to 30
Set RandomVar to 25

This would let you get one or the other, but no numbers in between.


Me want this Hopscotch


Yes I’ve wanted this for years it’d be sooooooooo helpful !!


Yasssss, I want it to. Although you could do this w/ a variable…but it would make things easier


Hmm… I don’t really understand. Sorry.


Instead of a random number between say 5 and 10, there asking for random either 5 or 10, so you would get 10 or 5, but no numbers in between, that’s how I understand it.


thats what i mean lol