Random Team UNITE


This topic is for the Random team


Guys here we will discuss what to make for the Hopscotch contest


for the Random Team only:

The secret twist is fear/scary/worry so we are making scary music with a scared emoji in a haunted house with ghosts flying around.


Intelligent scooter suggested sin and cosine any other ideas???


Great! Your team should nail this because the theme is RANDOM anything you'd like, the deadline is 2 days from now. Good Luck!


Maybe pixel art with music and a Backround then we have text that has sin and cos, I know verrrrry extravagant


Hmm... That sounds good...


I'm so sad because I was too late to be part of the contest. Sorry about posting here.


So if we are going to make that what part do you want to make? And what should the pixel art be?


TWIST ALERT!!!! Check the original topic for this challenge's twist!


That's okay I bet you can try another contest! But yeah this is for the Random team.


I know the answer to the twist!


Okay though was should we do a pixel art of?


I'm not sure... But the answer to the twist is fear. So do you want to do fear from inside out or something else? (Just a suggestion)


I already have some sin and cosine text for the title


A link for some text: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xv1fftrkk


Clap clap clap very good idea you have going there.


Hey @TallAOnForum you still there???


Yeah, sorry I was looking up pixel art on the internet to get inspiration


Oh. That's okay though I was doing that too.


Sso I ws thinking we can do ur idea fear from inside out or do a fear emoji


Oooooh! Yeah that's great! I didn't realize the emoji