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Oof, my friends were accused of being gay. Cri. Even though they r not. (Don’t be offended there is nothing wrong with being gay!:slight_smile:) I’m not though.


Oof I hope they don’t run into homophobic people if a rumor starts spreading


I really hope so too. There are a lot of kids I know who would spread rumors. My friends are very upset.




Bananas are life they are actually really good.


And prunes
Prunes are magic


So are dragon fruit. I found myself on a dragon fruit diet once. I drank dragon fruit juice instead of water. My parents made me stop😆


Dragon fruit sounds good although I’ve never tried it


Some dragon fruit is not good. It’s hard to find the good stuff. Lol


Do you like papayas?


I tried one five years ago and didn’t like it much, but I was 6 then.


You just gave away your age…be safe👍. Try not to accidentally do it. Ok? Don’t worry it happens.


I know. It’s totally safe to give it away, although it’s a person’s choice to share it or not. : )


Well it’s not private info it’s personal (which is ok to give away) but you have to be careful. Like I just turned twelve before Christmas. There are a lot of 11 year olds so I guess you can. (°_°)


So it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s just my axiety of being bullied. Hehehe don’t ask. And yes I have been bullied


There’s a Hopscotchers Against Bu.llying club here


Hi kittenlife how are you today?


Nothing just suffering in my own pool of depressio.n

The cold mist of a new winter morning draws it’s first breath. A moon white snow lay spread across the land, waiting to set loose. A small robin makes it’s way across the frost bitten land, trying desperately not to fall through. A small cave waits ahead.the bird scurries over and awakens the slumber of a dawn lit pool. The shallow bath trembled and waves splashed the shore to reveal… u wanna know?


Hi sister. What’s up


Welcome to the forum!