Random talking place (kittenlife's GT)



Hello this is a place to talk


good job


Thanks ur a big help couldn’t have done it without u


Thanks a lot! I’m glad I could help.


Hey! If u wanna u can talk here




Is Tynker glitching for u? For me my profile won’t show up and it says I follow nobody. It also states that I love cake does not exist. Is this the same for u or is it just me? It glitches like that on both my computer and my iPad.


Welcome to the forum! Lol I’m a bit late though.
Is this your General Topic (basically your topic of randomness)?


Yes it is :sweat: how did u find it?


I was browsing the forum.


Oh makes sence… I do that all the


Time. I like browsing the general topics


Like on mine.


Yeah I’ve been having a similar problem

None of my projects showed up in the app, but on the website it shows that they’e still there. I tried to login and logout a couple times, but that didn’t really help. I’ll send in a review through that little hotjar review button to see if any mods will see it and know what’s going on.


Okay thx it’s a big help


Yes! I tried to go check some peoples profiles and it wouldn’t load and said they didn’t exist. It’s working now though.


Cool thx I was just wondering but r u doggobear


Welcome to the forum @kittenlife! I think that I haven’t seen you around. Just ask me if you ever need any help or just want to talk :slight_smile:


I am doggobear -w-


Oh srry I just saw red noodles OC on ur account