Random songs we should make in r/hopscotch :D


So awhile back I remember some hopscotcher made a program that turns normal .mp3 or.wav files into hopscotch code that you put into the hopscotch app through iTunes or something I don’t know
well, I think we should make a list of songs we should convert (you guys) into hopscotch c:
ill start…
so we do suggestions and then well do a poll if we should (you guys) should add it to the app as a game i don’t know :smiley:
so the first ones i want ( because of :P)
A-HA - Take On Me

  • Yes
  • No

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Weird Al - Just Eat It

  • Yes
  • No

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Cool idea!!!


It’s not as easy as u think lol
It uses the start sound blocks


There’s a music topic, called making and sharing music.


I also remember the “MP3 to JSON” converter, but I can´t find it here on the forum. Maybe someone over here can find it for you?


@MR.GAM3R made a MIDI converter


Thank you! I was looking for that one.