Random Polls about Malie


Am I your Senpai?

  • Yas of course :smiley:
  • Nu


Votes are public.

Are you excited I'm coming back soon?

  • Ya!
  • Uh
  • No


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What should I mostly code?

  • Are you CRAZY! Code Everythung!
  • Trail art!
  • Games!
  • Pixel art
  • Other


Am I helpful on the forum?

  • OMG you are the most helpful hop ever
  • Your super helpful
  • Sorta helpful
  • Uhh, ur not helpful at all


Votes are public.

Am I nice?

  • YOU ARE THE NICEST HOP EVER :smiley: :smiley:
  • Your supa nice :smiley:
  • Your nice
  • Eh
  • Your not nice ;-;



I voted the top for all of them :3

And yes you are my senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay! Thanks! Gices liek


You're awesome Senpai!

Wanna still learn German :wink: ?


Sorry, I don't really have the time! And it was kind of falling apart, I felt like the only person participating :grimacing:


Same lol. Well I'm trying to keep it on track but @YuxinaYammy and I are the only ones there :confused:


Thicks for voting Senpais and frens ^.^

Senpai Tag List


Fren Tag list



That's not really a fren "tag" list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was too lazy to tag all my Frens because I have a lot :D