Random Poll: New OC?


  • New Slime OC
  • New Pixie OC
  • New Berry OC
  • No New OC

0 voters

Be sure to specify how it looks like if you want to!


Can you post this on your General Topic?


What genral topic? Please specify, I’m not sure what you mean.


A general topic is where you can chat and post things you don’t need to make a whole topic for.


Oh, thanks, but I will use this for now, the next poll I will use the general one


This can be your general topic if you don’t have one already


Uh sure votes end in a week though.
I’ll try doing a general topic sometime


By the way,what’s an OC?


Original character


Your on where to, STvH?


Here to*
Oof I made a typo


Yeah i am


Cool I joined last week