Random PM from Liza?


I'm not sure what happened... :frowning:


What does the PM say?


It just disappeared, weird...
It said my account posts was awaiting moderation and all the forum rules.


I think the account that is temporarily on hold your account, or WJB. Just a thought.


But WJB doesn't have a forum account..?


Sorreh, when I was replying, I didn't need see your post. I meant hopscotch, like they're fixing it. Sorry! :D D:


Well it just disappeared so I guess I'm fine again...


Oh thats like a system! Its not really her, its a system!


I know, but what's weird is that I'm not a new user and then it disappeared.
I remember getting those when I was a new user.


Maybe it was your pink marker account. Or maybe it was a glitch. I don't know I think your fine


Huh, thats weird.


Weird. I don´t know what´s happened. @staff