Random Password Reset Email? HACKER?


My mom just got two emails from Hopscotch saying that I tried to reset my password on my account twice- once at 6:23 and 6:33 PM Central time. I never tried to reset my password, I think I may have a hacker trying to hack me. @liza @asha @ian @kiwicute2016 @admins @moderators @leaders @anyonewhocanhelp @buildasnowman @follow4likesofficial @poptart0219 I'm sorry for spam-tagging but I'm afraid someone may be trying to hack me!


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I told her to ignore it. Who would wanna hack ME, though? maybe they wanna delete my work in progress that I've been working hard on. @ihasfluffycupcakes, we need to go into the collab testing account and download my games and latest work in progresses!


Not as much of a troll as the one under the bridge. :wink:


This is someone asking you to reset your password to hack you!:wink: Just ignore it!


OH NO GUYS MY MOM GOT ANOTHER EMAIL! I DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO RESET IT! Whoever is hacking me QUIT IT. @kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @follow4likesofficial @


Yikes. That is creepy... I wouldn't want anyon to try to hack me. :cold_sweat::scream::cold_sweat::scream::cold_sweat::scream:


Im so unknown no one would even think of hacking me lol


Do you want me to close? I would just ignore them as you can't
Do mucj