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You realise you all mean the same thing do you :joy:

Brackets = exponents = groupings = parentheses/is


yes i know but i like gemdas cause groupings is less specific


The way I solve my equations

-> (4)x4/2
–> 4x2
—> 8

Plz solve it using ur methods anyone and correct me if I am wrong…


I got 1/8


Woah @JonnyGamer you are sooooo good at math I’m only doind geometry right now


Well the one in 7 grade math not the hard one…


Jonny I said good at math

But what he was doing is simple, he just explained everything a whole lot


Oh its simple ummmmmmm
I don’t do algebra


Thanks :smile:
Math is my favorito




Your welcome!!! :grinning:


So then I’m wrong? Plz explain how you did it…


P.S I see you @JonnyGamer :wink:


No you don’t :eyes: :joy:

Ima coding some sort of 2d sandbox so you can play with graphs and shapes


If it’s multiplication/division and it’s not in parenthesis, it goes left to right.



Then wat if its division/multiplication??

(Just asking)


Doesn’t matter. In order of operations, multiplication and division is the same level, so it’s just left to right regardless of whether it’s multiplication or division.


Oh so then I’m wrong, right @CreativeCoder?:sweat_smile:


Btw can anybody explain the Cartesian plane to me???


Yeah, look at the order of operations.

Parenthesis- do this first, like you did

Exponents- there aren’t any so ignore this

Multiplication and Division- you do this next; they’re at the same level, so do them left to right

Addition and Subtraction- none of these