Random lenny gif i made lol/RedNoodle’s Gt/Great art from this hooman-CoM


i just wanted to see if you could upload gifs or not


Welcome to the forum! Just, here’s a tip for next time. People here want topics to be Hopscotch-related, but because you’re new, I’m not going to push that too hard.
Also, here’s some surprise that took half an hour to put together.
By the way, try tagging
@discobot start new user
but not with that font. Discobot has a surprise for you…
By the way, I’m going to put the surprise in a dropdown box thingy. Because it’s huge.

Welcome to the forum!

Just tag me if you need any help, and I know some cool fonts, too.

<a> makes aqua text </a>

Aqua!! There also used to be red, green, and blue colors, but I think it messed up the color scheme of the forum or something.

You can just type random letters for that, too. Just keep the thingies at the end.

# type # and a space for big bold text


<big> makes big text </big>

<sub> makes low and small text </sub>
Regular text vs. sub text
There’s one to make the text high and small, too, but I forget it.

** this text will be bold **
Bold text!

*this text will be italicized*

<s> strikethrough text </s>

<u>this text will be underlined</u>
Underlined text!
Okay, on second thought, maybe they deleted that font trick…

Here’s a link to a topic on more cool fonts, even though I probably covered a lot of them.

Oh, also don’t type @ and omtl together, unless you’re making a contest or something, you’ll tag 172 people. And members of the OMTL aren’t that happy when they get tagged for something like

Oops! Oops! Loop-de-loop!

And other pointless stuff like that. Be aware, there are guidelines on OMTL usage, and I suggest you read them. (Oh, and OMTL stands for Official Mass Tag List.)
If you want, you can join the OMTL here.
There should be a “join” button on that page somewhere, in addition to the OMTL guidelines.

And then there’s the POMTL (Project Official Mass Tag List), tagged by a person who made a project who would like constructive criticism or tips on improving on his or her coding. This one consists of 61 people.
You can join here.
Again, don’t tag it for random things and leave the OMTL and POMTL if you leave the forum.

Also, I strongly recommend going over the Community Guidelines, because if you break them, you’ll probably be suspended, and I have no idea how long that one user has gotten suspended for. Basically no bad words, be humble, try not to get in an argument or flame war, don’t give away personal information, don’t spam (post random stuff), and be positive. Oh, and put your General Topic in the #random-stuff category. (And you won’t be able to access that category until you’re of the Member trust level, which shouldn’t take to long to earn if you’re active.
Here’s a link:
Community Guidelines


Welcome! Maybe next time post this type of thing in a general topic, or maybe the drawing topic, instead of making it its own topic.


Heyy. Welcome to the forum. As people already said, you should post this stuff elsewhere. Maybe you could turn this into a GT?


Lyk thats any good u shuld folloaw the masster of lennie fashes


Welcome to the forum! Like others said, all topics should be Hopscotch related, but lots of newbies makes this mistake, so you haven´t really done anything wrong.

Also, did you know that you can have gifs as profile pictures (like mine)?


Yes you can just not videos on your device (except you tube videos and such on the internet I think, idk)
Here’s a random gif of mine


wait @SmilingSnowflakes are u red noodles!?


No, I’m rednoodles.


Lmao so uh ignore this topic, when I first joined I had no idea what I was doing. Please ignore this, I actually know what to do now.
Sorry again.


please I was heccin stu.pid

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Not Hopscotch related at all.

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