Random Hopscotcher Hopscotcher Forum Game



Hello everybody, I just had an idea for a forum game, I Searched, and there wasn't anything like it, (correct me if I am wrong) Anyways... here is how you play...


To start off, a person asks somebody to tag a random Hopscotcher, and they tag that Hopscotcher. Then that Hopscotcher (if they want to) gets asked to tag a random Hopscotcher. That's confusing, so here is an example-
Person 1- tag a hopscotcher
Person 2- @Person3!
Person 3- Thanks! My favorite is @Person427
Person 427- @Person1

If they don't respond...

Here is what you do of they don't respond after 10 minutes....
Person 1- Tag a Hopscotcher
Person 2- @Person3!
If that happens, then Person 2 would pick somebody else...
Person 2- How about @Person4?

That is really confusing!


No off topicness
Try to only keep one chain


I'll start! Who is your favorite Hopscotcher?


@SmilingSnowflakes! :D
Awesome topic, @EP125! :D




My favorite hopscotcher is @AHappyCoder (I've known about his account ever since I got hopscotch in October last year!


It's not very fair or fun if you can't play unless you are tagged.

Plus, what if one person really wants to play, but are not famous? And are never tagged?
Famous people usually are the ones that are the favorites, so this could ruin a reputation. Or upset someone terribly. Or make it look like only the famous Hopscotchers deserve to be noticed.


You are right... how about I change it to tag a random Hopscotcher?
I probably never would be tagged


Rember, don't tag people it will get anoyying!:slight_smile:


I changed it so that more people would be tagged.


Good idea! Let's start with a new chain. You may have to edit the topic though.

I'll start: EP125
And if the person tagged does not respond within ten minutes, it goes to another active Hopscotcher? Another random person?


Smart idea, I will change the rules, but anyways- EmmabugOnTheForun


Remember, tagging can get annoying! How about get the tag, then delete the @?





Awww, thanks!
My fave is @Maltese.


Thanks so much @EmmabugOnTheForum! c:



@kvj, quote


Sorry to crash the party, but EP125 never edited out the favorite Hopscotcher part in the post, it was changed to random Hopscotcher. You were the random Hopscotcher, probably not the favorite.




Um, hi?

Why did you summon me?


Pingu puts < hi KVJ in her posts! Just random!