Random Facts about Random Things



I bet you can't think of a weird fact about....hmm puppies or kittens or guacamole! If you can, publish it on hopscotch as #Random Facts about Random Things


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Welcome to the forum! Please keep all topics Hopscotch-related! :D

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Happy Hopscotchin'! :D

Thanks @codingCupcake123 for telling! :D

Just keep that in mind, or it may get flagged. :D


Don't forget to read the whole thing! :D

She/he said to publish the fact on Hopscotch.

Welcome to the forum, @DiamondHeartedDove! It's fun here! Tag me if you have any questions at all. :smile:


I'm a girl, its pretty easy to guess


I was pretty sure you were a girl, but I didn't want to offend you if I was wrong.

I put "she" and then changed it to "he/she" :smile::laughing::sweat_smile:


Welcome to the forum! If you even need help, type @Candycane and I'll come right over!


wanna know a fact?

@mellonybeats's suspension is the longest on the forum, not @friendship2468's