Random Conversation


Just talk about random stuff about hopscotch. It does not have to be too related.


Hello????? I lonely.......


Why don't people just search the topic and go there?


Hi.. if you want to have random conversations, you should go to the lonely crew topic!


Please, let's try to keep all forum topics hopscotch related :wink:


Oh, cool! I guess I should.


There are some other cool topics with the same purpose :wink:

I think this part could be changed, since the forum is about Hopscotch. This topic may get closed due to off-topic flags, and like I said, the forum is about Hopscotch.


Remember the nicer way of saying it :wink:.


:wink: Thanks for pointing that out @AHappyCoder


Your not meant to make topics like that


SBYP (idk what to say instead of that)


Should we recycle this topic?