Random Contests



Hi hops! This is going to be topic with random contests that you can do any time. I will be the judge, but I will need one more person to help me. I will hopefully post a new contest each week or two.
There will be winners each challenge, first, second, third and special. The challenges could be art, pixel art, trail art, etc.
I hope as many people can join if they can.
This is just for fun.


Can you do a game as well? Im happy to do art though

Can we enter art that we have already published?


Arrrrrgggghhhh! Foody!
calms down
Wanna join?


Ya just don't put the foody is behind you tag


I post first contest after more peeps have arrived.


You too, @TheRealBlah. No 'insert your name here' was here tags. You wanna join as well?


sure... i dont know what to enter XD


No. Hehhehehehehehehehheheeheheheheehheheheh.


It's okay! :blush:


Okay! wanna be a judge or not?


nahh, I will enter


Okay what's the challenge?


1st challenge:
Code a trail art cupcake on hopscotch and make it interactive.
Creativity ?/10
Originality ?/10
Interactiveness ?/20
Extra points will be awarded for the interactive component of the project.
Due date: 20th of October
Happy coding!


This sounds fun! Can I join? But just warning you, I'm complete garbage at making art. (In HS, at least. Irl I take art as an elective)


Can I please be a judge with you ??


Sure! How are we meant to come up with results?


We can make a separate topic and when you get regular , we can move it to the lounge !!


Okeyyy, I have to read 9k more posts!


That is ok though !!!!


i will do it on a different account. its called FOOD-BEASTY