Random catergory?


If any of you make a topic and look through the catergories, you will see the #random catergory. If you don’t make topics a lot, here’s a screenshot:

Although it gives you the option to put topics there, it doesn’t appear on the home screen when you log in to the forum, and it won’t let you put existing topic there. The even weirder thing is that the topics in #random say “Select Catergory” when you go to change the catergory. If you don’t understand, act like you are going to change the catergory of this topic (don’t actually change it); you can only see this if you are regular. Any explanations?


It was a category for moderators+. That is why all the topics in that category are by THT.


So, it’s the announcements catergory? Then why would the description say, “Topics that don’t need a catergory, or don’t fit into another existing catergory”?


Kind of, that was before the new categories were added.


But why can you still access that category? Is it because it is one of those categories that @t1_hopscotch made accessible again?


I think it used to be a moderators topic. IDK