Random Badge Question



@Liza , I was looking in the badge section, and I was just wondering... Why is there no "good topic" badge? :stuck_out_tongue: I looked on discourse meta and it existed there.

Just dunno why it doesn't exist here.


I think some badges were taken away, when they made the forum

(insert shrug emoji)


So that's why I don't have the badge! :expressionless:


Anyone know? @admins


@Liza? @PopTart0219?
@Kiwicute2016? @sam?


The Hopscotch Team removed some badges, though I don't know why


I would've had 8 Good Topics by now ._.


Ok, but why good topic? So random lol


I have no idea, it's a weird jump :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


"Okay, so we need to remove some badges so people don't get confused."

"Yeah, let's get rid of badges like Reader. We'd get lots of questions about that."

"And delete Good Topic!"



"Should we delete Good Post too, then?"



They deleted autobiographer, "read community guidelines"

They should have a waffle badge tho


I don't know. Some badges may have seemed unnecessary for the Hopscotch Team, like the waffle badge.


Never say the waffle badge was unnessecary




I'm still wondering about these things 🤔



Like what? :P

I found the waffle badge




Looolll 2 years later @Anonymous