Random Acts Of Thanksgiving!


So since thanksgiving is coming i though we could do a challenge/Game on the forum for it!

How To Play

you must do a random act of thankfulness or kindness to get a point and whoever gets the most points will get a shoutout by me and the others who are playing! You must tag me every time you do the act so i can see!




I love this idea! :D


Sorry but what is thanksgiving? I've heard of it but I'm from Australia and we don't really have it here


people came to america and they devoted a day to giving thanks for everything and then they eat a lot of food and gain 10 pounds




It's sounds great! Mainly cos of the food


I'm thankful for my friends @liza @anikeony @Snoopy @trendygirl @whippedcreamgirl @percyjackson9 @ihasfluffycupcakes @codingcupcake123 and many more!!


Thank you so much @Cash!


Thanks @Cash
U're a true friend


How do you delete an account


........Why do u ask?


I'm going to delete a bunch of random backups I don't need


I just emailed a staff to delete mine.


I am thankful for all who supported me in the past, and present. I'm also thankful for all my frens.


And those backups might come in handy one day


I know but everybody knows who I am now


I still suggest the same thing even if everyone knows who u are but if u want to delete the account, it's fine by me. i became ur friend because of many reasons but one important reason is ur personality. U stand who u are even if people are against you.


Thank you cash. That's so sweet!


You are awesome let's go to my general topic