Raise childhood cancer awareness


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Childhood cancer is a big problem. And I'm asking for your help. Whether you code something or donate to cancer research. Just do something please. Cancer doesn't get enough government funding
Children fighting cancer or child who gained their wings:
Donate so kids like hunter have a chance of living

this is hunter. He is 6. He was diagnosed with Dipg in January. Dipg has a 0% survival rate and kids live for 9-18 months. Imagine being told your gonna die in less than 2 years:(
this is Alan. He was diagnosed with Dipg which has a 0% survival rate. Please keep him in your prayers as he and his family goes through tough times.




Wanna join in?




Not related to HS.
Even though you said "code" it doesn't mean it's related to HS. If it was all like that people would be making topics about (I don't know, pineapple pens?) and say they would get people to code things. Trust me, I've never seen anyone who actually codes things about it.


I think it's a great idea!
Maybe make a coding club to make it a little more HS related?


It's raising awareness
Insensitive much


Well you see something new everyday
I made a project for this


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This is HS related and people are making projects about it.
That is HS related
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There's not much I can do other than.....


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I agree wholeheartedly with this!

I lost my friend to cancer less then a month ago

But I'm doing the race for life this summer to raise money and awareness for cancer research UK


I'm very sorry about your loss​:pray:


Youve motivated me to go and code a raise awareness project :)))



Good luck!


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