RainbowShamrock Team Sign Ups!



Hey everyone! So I made a collab and I was wondering if people wanted to join! No limit to people!

When I let you in please don't make topiks like, just joined RainbowShammrock Team! Do you want to join? So in other words I am the only one who can let people in!

We will work out the details of the password in a little bit!



So, what do we do in this team? May I join?


Is this something you are doing with @shamrockcat ? But I would like to join.


You may but this is not something that I started with @shamrockcat


what do we do in the club it depends I might join you may want to add the infomation :slight_smile: btw do you do hopscotch the app?


We kind of just code whatever we want to and yeah I use the HS app. Username: NeonPuppy413