RainbowMilkyway202's General Topic


Hey there!
Here you can ask me any questions...
NO questions on personal information
NO inappropriate questions
SO go ahead and start asking!


Hai! Who is your favourite hopscotcher?


TBH I don't have a favourite cider, they are all awesome especially you! However one of my fave drawers is @Serenity


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Oh and, and just saying, if you want to change your name just go to your profile, click preferences, and then your name will be there with a little pencil icon at the top. Click that, and you can rename yourself!


This is her sister's account, she's "borrowing" it. Her sister joined a year ago, so she can't edit her name ;-;


Hello!:grinning: So have you had any trendings?

Get it? You know, cause trendy is in your username!:laughing: Okay, I'll leave now.


Lel. You're funny.
But no. I ain't had any trending :frowning: @AlohaHawaiiStudios


Actually I'm lmho rn. You are funny.


doing some maths. Dats why.