Rainbow smooth background?



Hi you guys, I just wanna ask you how to do a rainbow smooth background, I’ve tried copying the code but I still can’t do it. Help!

Something like this?


Post a link and I’ll fix it


I think this is what u need


Well if you can’t do rainbow then just do the 2 colors? Like dood you can just look at me code I honestly don’t care but my background got messed up it doesn’t go all the way to the end oops :sweat_smile:


Oh an part time female has one to!!


I just edited one of my old projects


Here’s one way to do it


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Others helped you.


Tip if you want rainbow in Colors:

Make a ipad value and name it however you want. But I would say Color.
Then add a repeat forever or repeat (numbers) and create a Color block with HSB in it. Add the value Color or whatever you named it in H of the HSB. Then You add a increase block and make sure it will be repeated. Add the value in side and yeah!

I think this is correct


It is.

The one i posted was a more difficult way


I don’t mind you giving the code to me or giving me a link, just as long as it helps!
(P.S I’m new on the forum so if you like, help a total noob like me :frowning:


Its a project by Wolf Spirit Tree. She/He uses it as a background for her announcements :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool stuff :ok_hand:
Just decrease the values though
So if you have increasing colour by 50, make it more like 3


When you mentioned create a color, did you mean draw a trail or…


There’s a custom block in the newer updates that draws a background, prob is I want to use that block


Anyways thanks a lot you guys, you’ve been really helpful! :kissing_heart:


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Its not made by me :smiley:


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