Rainbow Galaxy's General Topic! 😄 Celebrating 2nd Featured! :D


I created my own general topic after seeing many wonderful general topics that others have made. I will post announcements and you, the forum, can ask me questions, tell me about something I could make, etc. :blush: I hope to see you all on the forum soon! :smile:




How's laif :3


Good, yours? :D



This explains everything XD


I've seen it! Almost 100! Congratulations! :laughing:




Hallo :3

Questions! c:

What is your favorite project that you've made?
What are you working on?
What is your strength with coding? Weakness?
What is your favorite block?
Chakin or potato?
If you could meet any Hopscotcher IRL, who would it be?
Who do you look up to on HS?
Do you know any other coding languages?
If you were a Mod for a day, what would you do?
How do you like the new update?
Do you have any tips for beginning Hopscotchers?

You don't have to answer all of them if you don't want to :D


Thanks for the questions! :smile:


Announcement: :blush:
In 10 days I have officially been on the forum for, drumroll please, 200 days! Yay! Thank you all for the support on hopscotch and the forum. Thanks for keeping the forum a happy and helpful environment to be in. I am hopeful for more landmarks to come in the Hopscotch forum. Thanks everyone! :smile:


7 more days! :smile:

5 more days!

1 more day!!! I'm so excited :laughing:

| That was actually 1 day later, I edited "1 more day" yesterday. :sweat_smile:


Today is my 200th day on the forum! :tada: Thanks to everyone that has helped me reach this amazing land mark, I hope to be on for another 200 days and more days after that! :blush: Thank you forum! :smile:


Congratulations! Yeyeyey!


Thank you so much! :D


Hello, I would like to have some feedback on my latest project :D
Beach BG! V1
Is there anything I can add or change? Could you rate it out of ten and explain why? :sweat_smile: I think you could help me improve this project a lot. Thanks! :smile:


Bumping this up! :D
I would love some feedback and questions! :)
It would help very much, thanks!


How kind am I?
Please vote your honest opinion, I would appreciate it. :)

  • Super Kind! :D
  • Very Kind! :)
  • Kind.
  • Meh. :|
  • Not Kind... :(
  • Never Kind! :<


Votes are public.

Thank you for voting! Is there anything I can do to improve my attitude towards others? :D


Can I have some feedback on my behavior on the forum?
Is it good, bad, does it need improvement? I want your honest opinion. :)

I will be creating polls about my behavior and others things on Hopscotch and the forum, so please reply with feedback and vote, thanks! :D


I just published my latest project:
Kitten Pixel Art!

Can I do anything better?
Do you like it?
I would love to hear your opinion! :D


  1. I love the community and the ease of coding. :)
  2. To Hopscotch? I would add the ability to see how many followers you have and who they are, I would love to follow back all the amazing people that follow me. :smile:
  3. Only 3 people? That's hard, @DancingLollipop, @SmilingSnowflakes and @Bananadog, that is only 3 Hopscotchers, I have many more. :D
  4. I got Hopscotch when I joined a tech club in grade 3, I'm going to start scratch soon in school but, I would choose hopscotch because it has the best community ever, it has coding that is easy to use and that is what I knew about first. :)
    Thanks for the questions @FoodDelivery! :D