Rainbow blocks should be rainbow colors, right?



I love making pixel arts. I just have one request for THT. I use rainbow blocks a lot! But they look all congested together. Maybe if they could be a little more colorful... I mean like if you could choose it to be a color, it will be more lively and cool. Sorry if you think this is a little too much, but its just a tiny request. What do you hopscotches out there think?


Good idea!




Like.. Assigning a specific color to the white/rainbow copy code blocks? That'd be super helpful!!


Rainbow blocks? If you mean random colors, I can tell you a simple way to make it rainbow.


Yes, that would look cool!
Very helpful when making pixel arts!
You can see the color on the screen (please make it HSB/RGB customizable) and tap it ithout having to read what the Block says!


Pixel arts are tricky when you have 3-4 shades of one color, so by adding this feature it coiulf help A LOT!
Great idea!


You mean abilities?

I think this is a good idea, not because it would look better (which in my opinion is sort of random? Why did you need to make a whole topic about making abilities prettier? XD) but because it would be so awesome to color-code (no pun intended) your blocks. :D


I don't get what you mean?


Oh I see like the white and rainbow fillin blocks! Yeah having them mainly be one color of ur choice is a great idea.


Thanks a lot guys! Let's just hope that THT sees this :slight_smile:


I mean the blocks which are almost white but a little rainbow :rainbow: on the side


You mean abilities? What do they have to do with colors?


No, she wants THT to make the rainbow blocks a specific color of your choice. So, like, being able to choose and HSB/RGB shade for the 'Create an Ability' block things..


I have a project with a rainbow trail art that has all the pure rainbow HSB colors, and they would look really good on the rainbow blocks.

The ability to choose colors for rainbow blocks sounds even better! I hope that THT will add this.
Maybe you could send this idea by email to THT?


This would be an amazing feature! ^o^


Okay so it's decided I am writing an email to THT about this. Would you guys like to say anything? So I can put it in quotation marks and your name beside it. Or this will be better. _

Is there anyway that I can link this topic in the email?

_ Feel free to say what you think.


Guess what?
:relaxed: THT replied to me! Lisa ( the person who replied ) said that she would talk about it with the rest of the team. YAY! They might actually considered doing it! I even sent them the link of this topic. I can't believe it Hooray!!!


OMG thats so cool! i would totally use them.

i agree! thats a great idea.