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Hey everyone :)

So... there's been a lot of stuff going on since the demotion. So if anyone needs anything, I'm right here :)

I know you're sad... I am too. But I operate strangely, when I make someone else happy, it makes me happy. I'm weird like that XD

So... anything. If you need anything, gifs, jokes, potatoes, just a shoulder to cry on, Uni and I are here for you :)

(Also credit and shoutout @AvocadoDont, she's an incredible fren who has similar intentions to me :D)

-Da Apple and Uni


Uhm??? I guess, though i'd rather you didnt copy topics :confused:

Though im glad you want to spread the positivity


I'm sorry fren, I had the idea than saw that you had it. I don't want to copy, I just thought this forum could use 2 :)

I actually came up with the idea myself so...


Oh ok, that's alright then.

And yeah, it's good to spread the positivity :DDD


Thanks :D

I'm really sorry it looks like a copy :0 I can give you credit...?


You did come up with the idea on your own so, if you want to then sure??


I think I should :D


there's a little surpriiiise @AvocadoDont


I am confuse


Is it possible for you to make me feel better about my life? Answer: NO


Please let me MobCraft


I'd like to try...! :0

I'm just trying to help... :)


I gave u a shoutout


oh nice!!! But... where?


Chocopotatoez fir everyone!


on the main post


OH!!!!! Ok sorry XD TYSM!!


You're welcome!!! :DDDDDDD

Like my profile pic?


Yorp :DDD


Thanks!! I drew it :D

I just made a happy topic :D