Racing game help!


I'm planing to make the racing game of the century and I need help with ideas! Here's the link


Idea I have those xD

  1. Better Controls
  2. Make It different it looks like a game @Dylan329 made
  3. Make a start screen and make a store to buy upgrades


@Dylan329 took my idea!
Proof is right here:


And I made actually very good controls.


But @BaconStudios means like a joystick control because when I played it was hard to control… but it is a great game and idea


Ooooooh ok I didn't know that sorry xD


Pretty cool!! The controls are kinda hard, but I like the game!


What should I do for the controls?


Make a joy stick or swiping or um idk.


A joy stick would be hard and swiping would be hard!


Then keep it the same xD


I was going to do new controls but the car kept going through the wall.


Good job. xD


Anybody have a subsciption and would be willing to change the cars into actual Nascars?


You know there is a free 1 week subscription right?

Even though I didn't use mine yet?


I can't do it. Can you do it?


No, why can't you do it.


Purchases are not allowed on the ipad.


Did you hit the Star and than hit the free trial?


Yes, what do you think I did?