Raccoons attacked my Hobo Box again! [Not Clickbait] [Help With Code]



So, the annual Raccoon attacks are starting up again and I need some help. Can someone help me deal with them? I put some potato gnomes in front of my box but I don't think they can do much about the ferocious raccoons. Maybe the lord and savior, Bernie Sanders, will save me if I provide help with code. Please ask me if you need help with code so I don't suffer the attacks.

(Not a Fave Reveal)


What I don't understand..?


Neither do I. Can u pls make it a little clearer.


What I think @Etalix is saying, is that you can ask for code help here.


Just put bear traps around the box


Oh......okay, ask for code. I get it.


Maybe change the title of the topic then? Lol


Do you live in a box?


'Raccons attacked my hobo box'

hat sounds weird by itself


SHHH! It's not clickbait... This is a place for you to ask for any help with codes, I'll change it... I was sure the tag "helpwithcode" would give the hint enough along side the one sentence I said.