Raccoon takes over hopscotch?!


So I go into hopscotch and see someone remixed my project! Normal right? Not for long I check it and raccoon clones are everywhere! I thought that person did it but I go in to other project ARE THEIR THERE!! What's happened?!!


Oh no it didn't happen to me (only on my clone thing) so strange. Maybe email the HS team about it?


What if it was my clone thing! :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: I better unpublish it


I'm sorry to say but.. Ya!


I unpublished are the clones gone?


Yes they are!! YAY! Thx


My first clone project went bad :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


You're welcome better not make anything with clones then


Wonder if it happen to other peeps?


Yeah I wonder a good project a disaster oh well wasn't that good anyway


Should I see if I make one the same thing happens?


Sure I'll tell ya need the code?


Na I just did it does it do it?


No raccoons in other projects strange very strange


Ok Mabey cos it's ya first


Maybe I'm a bad coder and hopscotch didn't like it?


HAHAHA don't be silly! You made that background for the shoutout you gave me and you do lots of cool stuff!


I had to give you a shoutout it would be bad not too even though you said not to make anything for you


Well you didn't make it directly for me so that's fine (I'll give you one!)


What happends is that any project with clones filling the page kinda... lags into other projects

It's a bug!

I experienced it after playing @rawrbear's bear army and any projects I played would be filled with bears...

until I COMPLETELY restarted my ipad!