Raccoon Election Preperation Topic

so this is very unfair

many people have been forgetting that raccoon is a character
but i am not “many people” and so are you, if you join this

  • i will join
  • no, raccoon is not cool

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in this topic, we will be raising awareness of raccoon, by doing various things
we can create youtube video’s promoting raccoon
you can create hopscotch projects, promoting raccoon

ANYTHING, just promote raccoon

let’s see how many join, and then we can create plans
(we are working up to 2nd Annual Hopscotch Election)

this is very unfair, because last year, Raccoon was disappointed that he was not invited.

(a rookie mistake)

here is an example of what I have done to promote raccoon

let us make more and increase raccoon awareness above all

of course, we need a vice president to appoint in case

our vice president should be
  • monkey
  • parrot
  • bird
  • sloth
  • anteater

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do your best



raccoon will smush you


Raccoon’s from the wild

Raccoon, is a cute and mischievous animal. It learns to adapt on it’s own and with other members of the raccoon family. It is also guaranteed that you can apply that knowledge to the hopscotch forum.

Raccoon is a smart and intelligent animal who knows his boundaries.

The mask they hide their faces behind is not to signify robbery, but instead, to signify bravery. The mask is an emblem of pride. A mask also may signify anonymous, but be sure, that once Raccoon is president, he definitely won’t be anonymous.

The Raccoon is also a smart animal, who many humans love to see on their FYP.

I don’t know about you, but that’s some pretty solid evidence.

The raccoon is also a member of the procynoid family, which can be related to the bear family. The raccoon has sharp claws and knows how to attack and vice versa.

This proves that the soon-to-be president knows how to handle threats that may pop up from time to time.

Raccoon Intelligence

Wikipedia, Retrieved from Article about Raccoons, under section labeled ‘Intelligence’; Zoologist Clinton Hart Merriam described raccoons as “clever beasts”, and that “in certain directions their cunning surpasses that of the fox”.

Stated from an article, When considering the mammal IQ scale, raccoons rank closer to humans than most people would normally think.

This proves that the IQ level of the average raccoon is around 125. The average healthy human’s intelligence quotient falls between 85 and 115. Raccoon’s are proven to be smarter than some humans!

Raccoon’s Social Behavior is also much better than you think. That means that our president for running can communicate much better than your average bathroom singer can.

The Harsh Treatment

Unfortunately, not everyone likes raccoons. It has been reported that many people, when they see a raccoon, are in outrage, and usually attack the raccoon that is relatively harmless. Though they have large and long claws, it does not mean that they will harm you. In fact, it is the same with a spider. A tiny spider is more afraid of you than you are of it.

This happens to be the same in HOPSCOTCH. Raccoon is rarely used, because many people find “much better alternatives” than the character behind a mask. A smile doesn’t mean it is ok. In fact, I didn’t even know of Raccoon until I went character searching for a project.

I will admit that a few years ago, Raccoon was a lavish king, but over the years, people have been overlooking the cute character under our feet.

Raccoon definitely is worthy of the position of president. A species who came so far, we need to obey their perseverance, a quality that our president lacks, but Raccoon has.

Parallelogram’s Time is Over?

This part was written by Raccoon.

I think that I am worthy of the President role, because I have much more capabilities than Parallelogram.

I asked someone [NAME UNDISCLOSED] what Parallelogram has done for us.

They responded [DIRECT QUOTE!]:

Community grew stronger

Plants were introduced

Seed Devs were recruited

Projects grew better

Now what has the raccoon done?

Nononono, they are not understanding me.

I asked what Parallelogram has done for this community.

Because, truthfully, all that is explained above, did not happen because of him. It happened because we were motivated, but not because of Parallelogram. We were motivated, because Hopscotch was bringing, actually good, updates. This, did NOT happen because of him. In fact, I argue, none of those reasons happened because of him.

It was the coding spirit inside us and the HOPSCOTCH TEAM that brought us here.

NOT Parallelogram.

If I continue on, with what this person said, they said…

Now, I’m no raccoon-hater, in fact, there one of my fav animals, but seriously, Raccoon has done nothing for us (except for maybe steal our food)

Do you want to know EXACTLY WHY Raccoon has done nothing?

It is because nobody gave him the chance to. That is the absolute problem here. Parallelogram was given the chance, you can even say Toucan was given the chance, but none of us could do anything, because we weren’t President.

You want to know why Raccoon wasn’t given the chance to do anything?

Do you see the name “Raccoon” by chance?


That is my point proven.

And plus, I don’t steal your food, I just know that you have plenty but you won’t give it to me.

It has been proven that some raccoon’s are going through hard times.

A raccoon and a skunk had to share CAT FOOD

A raccoon acted like a dog and asked for some food.

That is how low a raccoon can go, just to live a life.

We don’t steal your food, you just never acknowledge us.

Raccoon selfies that might convert you






it would mean the world to us if you just decided to become a raccoon fan!

Raccoon for Prez

Raccoon is an adaptive character, and he can adapt to the community’s liking.

What do you want Raccoon to do?

Raccoon has also promised to follow these 6rules throughout his whole career.

  • Raccoon will never give you up
  • Raccoon will never let you down
  • Raccoon will never run around, and desert you
  • Raccoon will never say goodbye
  • Raccoon will never tell a lie
  • Raccoon will never hurt you

this essay was about 5459 characters, and 945 words. It took 35 minutes to make.

please revise your decision and think about raccoon.


Those pictures really were amazing!


fantastic idea - and gif :D
let’s all stay civil and respectful of each other! if these topics become places of only conflict, they can’t stay - so let’s work together to keep them open! :partly_sunny:


Repeating this - and remember to keep the discussion on topic!


Yep! Remember to be kind to each other. :wink:


to give this topic a fresh start - a couple posts have been shuffled around!
let’s be sure to keep this topic a place of projects and inspiration - and not one of conflict :wink:


Hey @ALBUS Look in the folder you might find something


Look below


You looked at nothing lol



Is it just me or am I confused as to why you showed that…


If you read the project in like you know why


Oh ok my bad


I need to put raccoon in more of my projects!

I’ll work on that


When someone asks why you picked monkey for Vice President:



Raccoon deserves to be president! (Insert yells of agreement here)!

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election topics are a privilege: let’s keep them positive!

what was that discussion?

don’t insult other characters in a topic directed to promote a character.
i will literally end this topic if i see another bad directed post to raccoon.

thanks @LunarEclispe, you’re a good leader


I don’t know honestly

This is why I don’t think topics like this should be open yet


Raccoon is kool sometimes, I guess.