R.I.P. Hopscotch 2018(HS is maybe starting to be reincarnated)


Ah. Hopscotch is dying. There seems to be nothing we can do about it.


What I mean is, there isn’t as much coding as there used to be. Heck, you don’t even have to have a rule to publish a project! Plus, the purpose has strayed. Many people are trying to find live on the app, and it’s becoming more like social media platforms (I think. I don’t have any, so I can’t say for certain.)

How many of you don’t have the app?

  • I don’t have the app
  • I have the app
  • I have the app and wonder why I still have it

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Anyone know a way to save it? CPR? Anything?


I wouldn’t recommend that…


Electronic CPR.


Yeah. That would probably lead to a lot of broken devices!


And especially with less and less Coders, and even less actual drawers it’s done lol. And wait didn’t you follow me on HS?


But still
It’s not safe kiddos
Few people know how to do
electronic cpr


I probably do.


SneakyDragon, RayMC, HRR, SwampZ, Ray? DragonsONLYClub Leader?




Dude! I missed you!


Exactly lol money doesn’t grow on trees don’t break your devices


If Hopscotch isn’t dying, why isn’t anything people post on this forum actually Hopscotch-related anymore?


Hater? To an app??


I agree with the topic. All I’m saying is that there are people who will try to claim that a lot of people still talk about hopscotch here.




Trust me. I’ve made topics like this before, and it never ends well.


Thanks for the warning!


I miss the old hopscotch too.


Doesn’t everybody miss it? Lol.


Yes, Hopscotch is dying, and IM DA ONE KILLING IT
just kidding I actually did make my return on HS and I have been coding some projects and stuff, but, on which account? Mwoyhoyhoyhoy