Qusid's profile picture drawings!



i now take drawing requests. if u giv me an image, i will give u a drawing! :D

u can help teh qusids become known by making it ur profile picture. :D

they r veree gud drawings, but hoomans say they r bad.

see? this is a great qusid drawing.


Me pls :D


hai can u draw mah uzername



kan u giv me an image 2 draw?


y duz it have 2 b an image?
i dun have a picture of a waffl named bella ;-;



@qusid in Niagua were you considered a master artist, just as "Rembrandt" is a good human artist??? :00000 :D

These drawings are 11/10 :+1::+1::+1:



Omg yus


i was teh best artist on niagua. :D


:00 datz awsum
wat about mine?



sorree! i just need an image. ;-;


okie coming right up


Oh goodness this one should be interesting XD


Try this. XD
A qusid verion of PT's bad drawings. XD



draw this thanks

it's ding Ning fyi


How do u do these senpai


but with a smiley face and just one