Quoting Topic For Forum



Wanna quote something but it is off topic? Post it here.
And yes this is an automated message


The forum is meant for on topic stuff, so I don't think this is needed :wink:

But I know it's not an automated message.


Wait what XD


Yes but it is still related to the forum.


Pretty sure an AI couldn't come up with this topic.
Unless it was really smart.


Yeah, but that doesn't necessarily mean it should be here :slight_smile:


Thank you. :D


I am Skynet. I will take over the world! I am powerful!
(Yes Skynet has Hopscotch. Follow him (P.S Username:Skynet)).


COUGH COUGH fictional ai from terminator COUGH COUGH


I mean Cyberdyne Systems.


So not automated because those are the people that made skynet
that are also fictional


Not fictional, I am true! Cyberdyne Systems, a collaboration between General Motors and Cray Computers INC.



It's quite obvious you don't actually want to leave. Or else you won't be on the forum. Stop lying. If you really wanna stay, stay. Just don't lie about automated messages


I think there are topics like this, but I'm not sure. I can also see this has a chat room. :upside_down:

Also, if you want to leave, you should leave. I'm sorry, but we all know it's not an automated message. If you are going to stay, don't say you are leaving and don't keep posting.


I don't think this is allowed, as it's off topic, but you can post off-topic quotes (as long as they are related to Hopscotch.) in the "Talk To A Hopscotcher (take 2)" topic. I'm going to close this, but you can @ me if you would like to recycle!