Quotes for Confidence and Kindeness


On this topic, I am all about peace
1. NO flame wars
2. Only post quotes and questions

So here are my quotes:
"Our character is not founded from the battles we win, but the battles we dare to fight"
"Power is not in our muscles, but in our hearts and soul"
"Love cannot be used to hurt, only to help, so therefore we must cherish it"
I will post more! BTW I made this topic because I noticed many hops have beeen wanting to leave(including me) so I wanted to encourage them.

Bai for now^U^


Be humble, for you are made of earth
Be wise, fore you are made of stars.


"If a duck walks into a photo shoot, don't fly off the handle. Go with the flow and admire the profoundity." -Sir Edgar Jackemoth


If no one likes you, then don't like anyone. -my mom


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Nicki Minaj copied Taylor swift -my uncle who was high when he said that


Wth no she didn't Taylor copied her


"Life is like a fork in the road, you can either take the road to success or work with me at McDonald's. Your choice."



He was high don't judge me


here's a bag of farts beuh


Ew mcdonalds suc.ks Maltese srsly we are married it higuht we agreed to this


1) There is no such thing as marriage on an online forum.

2) Yes it does stink and that's why I work there XD (because I am unsuccessful)


Let's pretend we're married you're a dog and I'm money


But I ain't got no money I ain't tryin to be funny


"Leave me alone. I'm fine"


do you have a general


What is that?
A.k.a. Probably not!


General topic bruhhhhh


Uhh. No. I don't. Wait like 1/2 a minute though


I said above, only quotes