Quote requests!


I will be taking quotes requests and I will complete one ech week so list the requests!
I will take one from each
Person and if I don't get too many requests I will allow more requests


Sorry I meant and instead of Edison


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Can I have a quote???


Sure what do you want?? And what colors background because I have a smooth background and if you want hsb colors please have the hsb numbers as well as do you want the flying emoji technic?


Thanks this helped..... Alot


No problem!


Sorry I replied late I was at school.
I want Aqua and purple you can do hsbs if you want and ok I'll have the emoji thing


Ok what quote do you want?


You decide @happy12345678910


OK I will make it right now!


I hope you like it!!
Your welcome! Please leave a like so I know you saw it!!