Quote Reply Problems



Hi guys!
You are probably wondering "This person has been on for months and months but still doesn't know how to quote reply. Wow..."

But I don't! When people say "Quote this" I do, but nothing is different.

Can somebody help!


Sure thing! When you quote a reply, you are clicking the little button in the top left corner of you your reply. It looks like a little text message kind of! Like this:

I am on a computer, sorry I cannot give a picture!


Reply to someone's post and tap on the speech bubble I can give you a picture


Can you give me a picture?
Thanks guys!


It's OK! Thanks for helping!



Oh, thanks so much!! I've been doing it wrong all along. :wink:


You're welcome! I'm happy to help you anytime


Try to quote this!


Yay! Thanks, @SmileyAlyssa




Yeah, I know, right?


Good job! Here's a like!!:heart:


Lol look in the third predictive box


Oh whoops I didn't notice that! Lol!