Quote of the Week Challenge!



Hey guys! Have you recently noticed the tide of new quote projects? I love them! So I'm giving you a challenge: no sign up necessary!
Just make a quote project every week (or lyrics you like) and post the link here!
Make a quote every week until then end of March and then I will rank you guys and give out some prizes

Here's some inspiration:

Have fun!


@LazyLizard likes this 2 seconds after its publishedXD


This sounds like an amazing idea!
I will do it!


I love it, I will enter soon:)


Do you guys mind saying you'll join if you want to? Sorry, I said no sign up but it makes sure this topic doesn't get abandoned :D


It's a first :slightly_smiling:


I'm currently making one right now! It's the quote I use as my title, Positivity is What Moves You Forward


I don't know what mine will be, it will be something


So are you joining or did you just want to say you were making a quote? I wouldn't mind if you post the link here even if you don't want to, it would give people inspiration :wink:


I got my latest quote from this song


I'll definitely do This!


I'll join! I just might miss a week or two, but I'll try!


Yay @Poptart0219!
And @Kiwicute2016 that's fine! I try to be lenient about irl situations because I can totally relate to them :slightly_smiling:


Here's my first one!


I love the font and the colors! Nice job!


Here's mine for this week!:D.


Here's mine for this week!