Quote of the day! :D


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HOLD YOUR FLAGS! This is related to the forum. Because..

Everyday I will change my bio to a quote I made up, or a quote that someone else made! :D

Day 1: 'Cause I laik pickles. -JaggedJeans

Day 2: The force is strong, you are not alone, let it in -Sugarisyummy

Day 3: Chakins are to not be peepified. -Kiwicute

Day 4: Moo, I'm a fish. -treefrogstudios

le big gap

Day 8: There is no such thing as a 'normal' person - KVJ


Great idea! :smile:


"If everything in the world seems wrong well then, there are other planets."
Idk, I made that up


We can't survive on other planets :unamused: lol jk! But sreosly


"If things can't get worse, then they can only get better :)"


@dude73 Thanks! :D


I got an idea for tommorow.... :3

(It's about Star Wars. May the Fourth be with you! :DD)


I press the like button 17 times


Imma do dat.


I like waffles - Elvis Presley


I have one If you want me to tell you ti I could do that just say somrthing


Chakins are to not be peepified.


If you travel back in time and kill your great-grandpa, you won't exist. Therefore you will not have killed your ancestors so you will exist. So you will kill them. What?



There is a theory you would create an alternative universe, but this proves time travel to the past is impossible
Sorry for off topic.....

On topic:"There are two types of people in this world. The humans and- wait, there's nothing else."


People can be ducks and ducks can be people, then what do you do? People waddle like ducks and ducks walk like people.

I made that up.


I have a real quote.

_Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

_-Robin Williams__


"Everyone has a life its once thing keep it safe"-me
Lol I didn't know


Better idea: "the force is strong you are not alone let it in." -me
I took a senate from obi wan and turned it into that...


When people call you weird:
"There is no such thing as a 'normal' person" – KVJ

Yup that's mine! I take "weird", "crazy", "creepy" and their synonymous words to be compliments


Here's some really random ones:

Ooh, gray letters!

It's the Flintstones!

Moo, I'm a fish.


Fish don't say moo. They don't say anything :confused: XD