Quote of da day



OK this is day one quote:

Day two quote: Day 3! day 4!Everyday there will be a new quote!
And no I did not draw this it was from the internet. I may not do quotes everyday because of school


Huh… this could be an interesting topic


Ok good for you. Do you like quote?


I dont really care to be honest, but they do provide interesting messages


edgy lmaoooooo hdhdhd


(a few) sailors get bad mouths from the pollution and salt that’s in the sea leaks into their words



? Wut? I have no idea what you are saying


Some sailor’s get bad mouths from the pollution in the sea and salt; it mixs into their words.


I like quotes! Are you going to post new quotes here every day like the title says?


This is cool! I would suggest though to just keep posting quotes on this topic and not make seperate topics.

I actually really like quotes because they can have really inspiring messages hidden in them


Oh I see now

OK bye.


You are very right!
I also like quotes to!
And I’ll post more then one quotes on one thing to!


Looks like you really like mermaids!


Yup I like mermaids!
Wait i dont like mermaids I love them!!


The quote of the today is

Even if the life try’s to get you down there is a yams


Yes! unless I have no time


That’s cool.


Fine quotes, I have never been particularly fond of the merfolk but I do like them.


OK peoples I have no idea why but the quote of the is day is glitching and I have no idea why do you see this or not?


I see it! Also I have 2 Quotes for u :3
“An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough”
and “Don’t argue with an Idi.ot, He will drag you down to his level and beat you with Experience”