Quote Contest! Ends 2/27



Okay this is a quote contest inspired by @RenegadeBird1 it's going to be very similar to hers although A different layout
Ok here are the rules

Your quote must be original

No taking quotes from the web be creative!
You can use the web for inspiration but that's it

If your quote doesn't make it don't get sad

I'm sorry if yours doesn't make it in it's just that some may have been better than yours

Be confident

Don't say you aren't going to win because as long as you have a chance your good

The winner's quotes will be put in a project and will be given credit
Have fun and all entries must be in by February 29th


inspired from another:

please help save the Earth from pollution- it won't make the chocolate tate good anymore..

lots of people love chocolate! :slightly_smiling:


If you always eat pizza, then you'll never, ever eat chocolate


"Your account doesn't have to have a special name in order to do good things for someone." :smile:


"Reach for the stars. Then you'll be remembered. But if you get there, you'll never be forgotten."


inspired by @Lightningstrike:
If all you want to do is be lazy and don't go to school, you'll never earn enough money to make a living. Or to buy CHOCOLATE.


You can do whatever you want, be whoever you want. There is no limit to your awesomeness!


Please only one entry
@Lightningstrike, is that an entry?


Yes. It's an entry.


one entry? umm....
my first one?


This one


Im feeling REALLY HAPPY today!
I wonder if that's normal...


(This is not original) "always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn."


Always be positive and never give up!


That's okay I like it so I'll stil accept it