Quote Collab! no more spots



Hi! I know lots of people like "quote projects". So I made a account for me and 8 other hopscotchers to make quote projects! :D

1. @SmileyAlyssa
2. @tankt2016
3. @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf
4. @Hermione
5. @FluffyMice
6. @PercyJackson9
7. @Rose_Owl
8. @RenegadeBird1

the username and password shall get taken down after 8 people join!

friendly tag list



I would love to join! What if I remixed this collabs projects with quotes, then you guys remixed back so it looks like it was made by you? I am having a little trouble with log in stuff and that's why I'm not actually going in it. :slight_smile:


I'll join!


I love quotes I'll join :D


Sure! I will edit topic rn to show who is in


Can I join I love quotes!


totally! :D


lol there are 4 ppl already


I would love to join but I can't log out of my account


why not?


I don't know my password


@Ihasfluffycupcakes is there rolls?


Oh. Try emailing THT so you can change your password! :wink:


Ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


Like template designers quote finders publishers editors and leaders and co-leaders?,


nope! :slight_smile:


ME PLEASE! I wanna join!


Good because if there is rrolls I might quit because everyone should be able to do anything


ok! :D


Could you save a spot for me if I can do it?