Quiz help! The outcomes are confusing!


Hi guys. I’m making a quiz. Now in the quiz, you heave 4 options. Let’s say they are :apple::watermelon::peach::eggplant:. I’m having trouble with the results. I have 9 questions in total. Let’s say i have 3 points to get :apple: as my answer and 3 points to get :watermelon: as my answer. I only have 2 for :peach: and 1 for :eggplant:. Now this is where I get confused. How do I make it so that if an answer choice is equal to the other one, I get one outcome? :apple: And :watermelon: Are equal but then what will be the outcome? :apple:? :watermelon:? should I make a result for :apple: And :watermelon:? Help!!!


You can add a tiebreaker question for when a few options have the amount of points, and only include the options that are tied.


Thanks. How can I code that?


If you have different question numbers for each question, then you can make the tiebreaker question for example, 11.

Then, when you increase the question number, if you’re on the last question, check whether there are any ties. If there are, go to the tiebreaker question. Hide the answers that aren’t needed for that question.


If (score for apple) = (score for watermelon)
Set text to (Tiebreaker Question)


A tiebreaker question is a really good idea. I think that you should add that to your quiz.


Too late. Maybe in a newer version. I already published it.


Ok, I would like to see it! Can you post a link to it?


I think it’s this one. @William04GamerA


Wow! The game looks great! I love the music. Its on the featutured page too!!!


I’ve seen this one, it’s really cool!


Thanks! I worked really hard on it. There was this one glitch that when I log back into my account it deletes some of the stuff for ex:
I added rectangle blocks to the answer choices. Then I logged out to go on my ther account. Then I come back and it’s gone.


That’s weird. Report it to THT here:


Okay, I’m a bit confused with what you’re asking.

  1. For each of your nine questions, you have four options???
  2. If you click one answer, it gives a point to whatever category you’ll get at the end? (Apple, Watermelon, Plum, Eggplant)

Now can one answer on a question give points to two categories?
Like if you answer “Dog” you’ll give points to both apple and watermelon??


And of course you can do the ideas mentioned above like the tiebreaker question.


Basically I have 4 answer options and I have nine questions. Each answer option leads to one result. The thing is that if I choose 4 of the 1 first answer option and 3 of the second and 2 of the last and 0 of the third, I will get the first answer option as my result because it got the most points. But if it was 3 for the first, 3 for the second, 2 for the third, and 1 for the fourth, the first and second one will be tied. Since each answer option results to one and only one result, which result will it give out? The one for the first answer option or the one with the second? It doesn’t matter too much because I already published it. But this is just for the feature.

  1. Tiebreaker question like others mentioned above.
  2. More results. For example, if you tied an apple and eggplant you’d get a grape.


Ok! Thanks! I really appreciated this!