Quiz Chain Game



Hello I have just came up with this amazing idea for a chain game.

Examples of playing the game.
Person 1
What are 2 of the blocks in looks and sounds?

Person 2
Set Invisibility, Start sound.

Person 1
@Person 2
You are correct.

Person 2
Yay, What is the most liked project on hopscotch?

Always tell the person who got it right that they got it right.
After a few minutes if they're isn't a new question make one.
Remember that the person who got it right first gets to do the next question.
Always do @The person who got it right.
Do not do your answer and the question and put your next question in the same post.
Make sure your question is about hopscotch
Stay on topic
Have fun

If you have any questions ask me by tagging me at @MrGrilledChese

Do you like this chain game?

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  • - It is okay
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Choose up to 3 options


What is my only featured project?


Please answer my question


Taco Fighter! Specific version: V2 beta 1.2.6
Who is on the top of featured ATM?


Fruit Bonce
What is top on trending


Answer: f i n d t h e s t a r
Are you allowed to go look?

What is the top of rising?


Random Flower Generator by ispguy! c:

What is the most popular type of project in Hopscotch?




Is it drawing pads?


@MrGrilledChese and @KoolM123,

You're both wrong!


Um drawings


I guess!

But I was thinking art! Trail art, regular art, and pixel art!


YES what are all the blocks in looks and sounds?




Green. There all green.


When did magma pop leave?