Quitting. Forever


Now I might get a bit angry now, but hopscotch has had an update. The main part of that update is an in app purchase. Now the things that you previously had to buy were characters. And the in app purchase is to pay monthly. Another thing is, I have a LOT of homework. I may come back in the summer of next year, but for now,



K, bye.

guess the impression


Bye @Intelligentscooter, I understand. Homework takes a lot of time :confused:


Bye, I know homework takes a while


So? They need the money..

Let's say you made a app that has an extreme amount of usage and popularity. You would want to make some money. We don't want Hopscotch to have ads so they have inapp purchases. Is that wrong? No it isn't it just bussiness so Hopscotch itself doesn't fall apart. Your complaining about this, but really if you truly like or love hopscotch you would know the purpose of this.

If your leaving go ahead, I'm not sure you have to just quit everything just because of homework. You could check in a while.


Join the freeeeeeeeezers.


You can use the three free skill tasks, it'll still be the same.


The subscription is bad, but you don't have to leave because of it.


its business, you know? hopscotch needs the money in order to keep on growing hopscotch, and paying the bills. the reason for the subscription is so hopscotch can make money. it has nothing to do with greediness, they just need to have a way to make money, as a business. at first, I was sad too. I cried, actually. and I know how you feel. but then, I thought about why they would have done it. not because THT was greedy, but because they would need a way to make money, or else they wouldn't be able to continue to grow and thrive, or worse, they could shut down entirely. I hope you do see my point, I hope you come back soon! :slight_smile:




I understand that, but I think that they could of kept the old cheaper in app purchase.
Now they have made that free, they need to make more money. I think I have made my point. P.s. I might come back at christmas, but for now, bye​:sleepy::sweat:


It is mostly homework and school.:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Maybe you'll get some time for Hopscotch!