Quitting? Don't



Are you quitting? Why? Is it because of peer pressure?
Recently, a lot of people have been leaving. @Rawrbear said "I quit". Simple right? (He came back) but then lots of people said "I quit". Probably more than 5 in the last two days. But did any ACTUALLY quit? I don't think so.

Dont say you are going to quit

Only if you are 100% sure. It's not funny if you are trying to troll someone, it makes people sad. (We want you to stay)


Well, first of all, it might not be true.
I tried leaving once, and couldn't do it. I thought I was "done" with hopscotch last year, but here I am back again with a new account!
Also, it makes people sad.
If you say "I'm leaving", your peers on hopscotch will be sad.
Furthermore, people might think you are doing it for attention.
If you say "I'm quitting", the chances are that a lot of people will support you to stay. You will probably get a lot of compliments (cough cough @Rawrbear )
But other people might misinterpret you.

There are more obvious reasons that I didn't write.
But you get the point. Don't quit.

If you have to, do it. There is no need to make a topic and then come back.
(Unless you REALLY know you are going to leave)


I really wanted to quit. I just couldn't! If I could get out of this addiction, I would honestly quit right now. :\


Yeah... I hate being so worried when someone leaves! Then I'm all sad for the day, then they just come back. And then I sit around all angry for wasting my time and being sad.


I tried to quit because I couldn't take the pressure of producing new games with my already busy schedule. In some respects, it worked. I hardly ever publish anything, and my week of distanced me from the community to a level where I didn't feel obligated to make new stuff. This also had downsides, and I wish I was as envolved as I used to be. Luckily, some awesome people like @SmileyAlyssa helped me get a little more into it. What I'm trying to say is that some people give it an honest try and still come back (sort of)


You need to chill about @Rawrbear


What if we do it as an April Fool's Day prank?


It's not that funny


But what if someone puts "I'm Quitting" as the title, then for the text, "Just kidding! April Fools! I'm quitting!"

quote for the full sentence

That could be funny for some people, I know one person did that…


Not funny still.


Wait..... would this include me? I only said i was quitting for 2 weeks because of vacation. The my half sister was visiting for Omaha and she got a hold of my phone and caused a lot of drama... would all that drama still be considered my fault? Even though i only said i was leaving for 2 weeks?


Every time someone asks that XD
if you're leaving for like two weeks, don't tell the forum. We don't need to know it (not related to hs)
You can comment and @ peeps if u would like, but don't create a topic
(@SmileyAlyssa u too)


Well is was going to be from 2 weeks to about a month... i thought it would be easier to make a topic saying i was leaving instead of just randomly leaving, but i see your point. btw can you unlist my leaving topic? I don't like all the drama in it.