Quirky Artists Collab Account



Hi! I have an art collab account, called Quirky Artists, that has only two members (yes, I am one of those members). Does anyone else want to join? I think that I’ll take about 5-10 more members. If you want to join, just respond with, “I want to join.- (your username)”.
-SourGrapes31 :grapes:


Hello @sourgrapes31, I see your new here, would you like me to tag some Hopscotchers to see your post?


I want to join- PartTimeFemale


Hello and welcome to the forum!

We have a list here on the forum called the OMTL (Which means Officiall Mass Tag Llist). That list can be mentioned easily by typing @OMTL (I didn’t mention them here though). That list should only be used when you want people to see your topic, so before you use it and notify more than 130 people, take a look at the rules for the list:

These rules are copied from here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/groups/OMTLCredit to everyone who contributed and wrote these rule s and to those who moderated the OMTL.
Do not overuse - Use it once per subject, and not in General Topics. For other cases, see below.

Use it in the post you want people to see - Nobody likes scrolling. Well, some people do.

Only use it for things you can contribute to - Something something don’t tag for smol potatoes.

Don’t tamper with the list - It’s annoying when someone messes it up.

Remove yourself if you leave - There is a limit of 150 tags, so remove yourself so you don’t waste tags

If you want to notify people about your new projects, try tagging the @POMTL. (Which means "Project Official Mass Tag List). That list also has some rules and a lot of users, so use it wisely :wink:

Here are a link to the POMTL rules:

I would recommend tagging/mentioning the OMTL for this topic.

If you ever need any more help, tag me by writing like this @William04GamerA and I will help you as soon as possible :slight_smile: