Quiestions about communication outside the fourm



Hello it's the fluff bear and today some things were going on in my mind about talking outside the fourm.

What if you are Internet BFF friends not from HS from something else and you have HS and they have HS you figure out.

Do you need to stop talking to this person?

If your a HSer can you talk with people like Internet BFFS who don't have hopscotch and bring it up?

Bye, from the fluffy bear.


I never thought like that?
Hmm @Gilbert189 @PopTart0219/Beyoncé @Kiwicute2016


This could ruin Internet friendships if you figure out your friend has HS!


I don't know :0

I think if you find someone and you know they have hopscotch/and or communitcation to them in the forum, they told you accs, you chat with them outside, that's not allowed!

I think if you meet someone and your just talking to them, and then they say they have hopscotch I don't know :0 maybe tell them about the forum?

Good question, I don't really know :0


Hopscotch people are really nice but that is why I don't really have any best friends on hopscotch




Maybe if you knew enough about them and maybe skyped or something (Just so you know that this is a kid :wink:) then you could use that


I guess but.



So, you didn't meet them on hopscotch but you don't know them irl?


No no no you are Internet BFFS And you have HS and you figure out they have HS as well.


So basically you don't know them IRL, but we're already internet friends.

Then you realized you both had Hopscotch



What if that happend?


I honestly think you could keep talking to them on the other social media platform.
But I really have no clue


Well, having an "Internet BFF" that you talk to on social media or something is unsafe anyway, but I guess as long as you didn't "meet" them or get their social media from Hopscotch... Hmm... Tricky one.


Ok. Then you can, of course, communicate with them outside the forum. You just can't share social media and stuff with them on the forum.

So, let's say you meet through roblox or something like that. You can message them and exchange skype and stuff on roblox all you want (although I definitely don't recommend that with someone you don't know) and we can't do anything about it. But if you tell them your skype on the forum, we will delete it.

In conclusion, you can communicate outside the forum with them, just don't facilitate it on the forum.

Think about this - just because you know someone outside Hopscotch and you both have Hopscotch, are you guys from now on obligated to only speak on Hopscotch? Of course not, that would be silly.


I don't think I would trust them. I have friends online I haven't met IRL but we've only talked, not even about ourselves just about things in general. So no


That would be sad for some people.



Thanks for the info!


Hmm well it makes sense kind of.


Interesting question. I agree with BAS. But how often does this scenario come up? It seems like it wouldn't happen very much.