Quiestion about TestFlight



So I have a question

Hopscotch beta has switched to TestFlight

I have got it and everything but, if I publish something

Does it not publish for normal HS?


I'm pretty sure the project will not show up on your normal account on HS.


Yeah, you have to delete and install normal Hopscotch.


Oh noes

That's kinda lame, because I like having normal HS and HS beta....



The answer is: It depends.

Pre-existing drafts (that you had before getting the beta app) will still publish to the entire community. I think you could make a copy of an existing draft (just to get a new draft in the old format) and it would publish to the entire community.

Brand new drafts (created after getting the beta app), when published, will only be visible to other beta users until the beta is released in the App Store. After that everyone will be able to see what you published when the app was in beta.