Quick Topic before I go to bed: WHY CANT I UPDATE ;-;


hallo. WHY CANT I UPDATE?! I have the software update 9. something, so y can't I update? it says it updated on sept 6. it doesn't have a tab that says update, it says all apps are up to date! I already tried checking other hs people that have the update, don't say double check.
Screen shot:




can u tag the OTML? :stuck_out_tongue:


OMTL* <---- do u mean that


maaaybeeeee X3


Lol, y can't u do it?






Same! But I think it update automatically as my edit thingy is not big. Idek
Can you photo the new update editor?


Not RN




I have an obsession with quoting secret messages


What do you mean? Is the update in the Updates tab? If it's not it means that you are up to date


That's weird I don't know why sorry


Sometimes apps will automatically update theirselves.
Try entering this notification everyone got:


Yah! I got it 2! That's weird...HS never updates by itself.....


If that doesn't work, check that your iOS version is bigger than 8.0.

@liza will hopscotch work on iOS 10 that releases tomorrow?


I get tired of seeing that screen where everyone has the update and I don't. ;-;

If I can't have the update, can I at least see other peoples projects :pensive:
@admins @moderators?


is anyone gonna help?



is everyone just gonna ignore me? :cold_sweat: