Quick question don't get mad at me pls


I have a question please don't get mad but why were docs allowed when communication outside the forum wasn't allowed
I mean we already knew who we talked to outside the forum before it wasn't allowed so why were docs allowed?
Also why is scratch allowed if it counts as communication outside of the forum
please do not start a flame war or get mad


There was a problem on docs which led to the rule :wink:


Scratch is a monitered community of coders.


But why were docs allowed far the main rule was established?


They'd were allowed before the rule. The rule only came about after a problem on Docs.


But that wasn't what I was asking though
Here, I'll give you an RP about it:
Leaders: Communication outside the forum isn't allowed except docs
Leaders/ no more docs


But the rule didn't come out until Docs was banned…


And as mentioned above Scratch is safe.


Are you sure?
If it did then that doesn't make sense be because there weren't any problems on the other softwares and programs we used


I'm no expert just ask a Leader :joy:

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It's because some were for stories
Also, Scratch is coding


@KVJ, what was the problem on the Docs?


That's actually a really good question. In full honesty, I don't think The Hopscotch Team knew much about Hopscotchers communicating with Docs. Moderators and Leaders assumed it was okay. When an issue occurred because of using Google Docs, The Hopscotch Team noticed we were communicating through Docs, and decided it wasn't safe:

There's no adult moderation. These people we are talking with are online friends. Most of us have never actually communicated in real life before, so we don't know if everything you say about yourself is true. For all we know, someone on here could be a dangerous person wanting to get information out of kids like us. You never know what could happen while on a Doc, too. The Hopscotch Team isn't there to make sure we aren't talking about inappropriate things, sharing personal information, having arguments, etc. It also shares your email. Even though we were using non-personal emails, it was still an email that contained personal information within the account. Once again, you never know who could be behind the screen.